Vectis Law Limited

Picture of Oscar Vincent
Director – Oscar Vincent MA

Oscar Vincent Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate is the practising name of Vectis Law Limited.

Vectis Law Limited is a niche legal practice offering specialist representation at police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts, youth courts and the higher criminal courts. We concentrate solely on criminal defence litigation. We focus on providing expert knowledge and experience to prepare robust and thorough representation in any criminal defence matter.

We look after your interests seamlessly from the police station through to the magistrates court and crown court and, if necessary, to appeal. You can be confident that, with our specialist knowledge and experience, we will work to give you the best chance of a favourable outcome to your case.

We are proud of our awards of a Legal Aid Agency contract and the Specialist Quality Mark to provide publicly funded criminal defence services for the Isle of Wight. We are also accredited by the Law Society for criminal litigation.